You should know you two have changed more than just my life; if it were not for you, there would be people in my town who would still be smoking, still be hopelessly overweight, still procrastinating... On behalf of all of us, Thank You.

Matt Barber.

My wife and I attended the 1 day hypnosis workshop with no prior knowledge, apart from coming away confident in our new found hypnosis skills (we were hypnotising others by lunchtime!). We were also impressed by the professionalism and depth of knowledge of Anthony and Freddie and can’t wait to attend their 5 day course. Many thanks.

Darren Wright.

I want to thank you for all the efforts and informations I received on the course.
It really helped me to change my habit in therapy.

Gabrielle Prinzi.

Hey Anthony and Freddy, I wanted to thank both of you for the seminar once again! It has inspired me to move forward with this as a career and I can't wait to change lives. 

Amir Karkouti.

It was a real pleasure learning from you and your father.
Not only was this informative, it was FUN and that is why I love your programs. 

Jeffrey Fein.

A thoroughly enjoyable, informative, well run course!

Ritchie Campbell.

Thanks for a fantastic weekend!
The course was brilliant and I am looking forward to
getting out there and having a go.

Ben White.

I recently attended Anthony and Freddy Jacquin's UKHTC Hypnotherapy Diploma course held in Las Vegas. While I have attended many trainings, seminars, presentations, and workshops by other speakers, few have been as life changing and transforming as what Anthony and his father eagerly and powerfully provide. Prior to attending the course, I had already been trained in stage hypnosis, did my own shows, and intently studied Milton Erickson, Dave Elman, Richard Bandler, etc. I was keen to find out what, if anything, Anthony and Freddy could possible provide that wasn't already available. My eyes were opened in wondrous ways! What a spectacular honor it was to be part of a hands-on study course/workshop/baptism-by-fire experience that was as much about the confidence of being a hypnotherapist and providing change tools to clients, as it was about insanely practical techniques that are useful in my own life course. The thing that struck me the most about Anthony and Freddy is their approach to hypnotherapy - something that you must experience and feel rather than try in vain to absorb through a book or DVD. I have learned tools and techniques that finally make hypnotherapy practical and give me a wide variety of options for creating sustainable change in others. I could not recommend a course of hypnotherapy study more!

Scott Grossberg.

Both you and Freddy done a fantastic job of explaining everything from its origins/history right up to its present use whether it in a therapy/stage or street impromtu, and of course the rapid inductions . Its great to find people like yourself who are happy to share there knowledge and experience so readily to those interested and you demystified the whole hypnosis phenomena I am sure everyone left the room feeling they can hypnotise people as I did myself.

Stephen Plunkett.

The Jacquin one day course is one of the most interesting and informative courses I have been on, to call it an introduction to hypnosis would be doing it an injustice.

Anthony Jacquin and his father Freddy make a great team, each with his own insight into hypnosis they have developed a style all of their own, a combination of hypnosis and NLP that works in the real world rather than just in the depths of a text book. ANON

I strongly recommend the Diploma in Hypnotherapy with the UKHC, since doing the course I was able to immediately change peoples lives. Having the diploma on my CV also lead to the job of dreams working with businesses changing peoples behaviour at Agent, Management and CEO level. The investment is worth very penny

Andrew Sillitoe.

After a short history of hypnosis, Anthony and Freddy moved straight on to the practical skills you’ll need to become a hypnotist and by the end of the second hour every person on the course had practiced hypnotising someone. There was no waffle or need for copious notes everything was presented in a manor that was simple and easy to understand with lots of time available to practice what was being taught. While I understand that the day was only an introduction to what Anthony and Freddy are able to teach I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information that was passed on. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in hypnosis to do this course. 

Richard Walker